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About CLEP Chinese Help Desk(CLEP-CHD)

The CLEP Chinese Help Desk provides language support services to UGC-funded undergraduates, aiming to enhance their Chinese language proficiency. The service will focus on Chinese writing skills and Chinese speaking skills. The CLEP-CHD aligns with the University’s strategic objectives: all the sessions are learning opportunities for students to enhance their Chinese language proficiency outside classroom (innovation), students of different subject-discipline can enroll to this service to improve their communication skills (interdisciplinary) and students will be better equipped to make an impact through their future career (impact). 


Acknowledgement: The CLEP Chinese Help Desk is funded by the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) 

Enhance your Chinese language proficiency

Our Services

  • 1:1 Consultation [face-to-face mode] 

  • Group Consultation [face-to-face mode] 

  • Theme-based Workshops [coming soon] 


Our Team 

  • Principal Investigator: Prof. Richard Van Ness Simmons 

  • Co-Investigators: Dr Chung Ming Wai Christy, Dr Poon Hon Fong Connie 

  • Research Assistant: Mr Tse Wing Ho

  • CLEP Chinese Help Desk Teachers (2023-2024): Mr Chan Chi Hung,
    Mr Lam Hon Sing, Mr Sunny Ng, Dr Soo Yiu Chung 

  • Online booking system (frontend & backend): Mr Tse Wing Ho

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