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CLEP, School of Chinese, HKU

About CLEP

Chinese Language Enhancement Programme (CLEP) is housed in the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong. Unless exemption is granted by the home Faculties under special circumstances, all full-time undergraduates have to take the compulsory Chinese Language Enhancement Courses offered by the CLEP to fulfil the UG5 graduation requirements

The University of Hong Kong

Vision and Mission

One of the principal missions of the Chinese Language Enhancement Programme (CLEP) is to design and deliver courses for undergraduates in all faculties of the University. These courses are intended primarily to raise their level of competence in the Chinese language. Emphasis is placed on Chinese language knowledge, communication skills, and practical and professional writing skills. These courses also cater to the specific needs of students from different backgrounds and disciplines. The ultimate goal of the Programme is to encourage students to actively explore and engage in independent study, to foster their development as effective communicators and life-long learners, and to equip them for future careers. 

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