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Notes to students

The year of offer of the Chinese Language Enhancement Courses varies from one Faculty to another, and students will be notified accordingly. 

  • Please note that each undergraduate in any Faculty and in any curriculum can take only one CLEP course. Having completed one course, a student will not be allowed to enroll in another one.

  • Students who have sat and passed the HKDSE examination in Chinese Language (Cantonese) are not permitted to take the CUNDxxxx courses.

  • All CLEP courses (except CHIN9001) are compulsory and may not be selected as electives.

  • The medium of instruction for all CLEP courses is Chinese, with spoken language as Cantonese, except CUND9002 (spoken language: Putonghua) and CUND9003 (spoken language: Cantonese and Putonghua).

Chinese Language Enhancement Programme (CLEP) Programme Booklet and Timetable 

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