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Professor Richard Van Ness SIMMONS 史皓元教授, HKU CLEP
  • Professor and Director, Chinese Language Enhancement Programme (CLEP)

  • Email:

Greetings! I wish to extend a warm welcome to all who are visiting this page, most especially our current, former and prospective students. Our Chinese Language Enrichment Program (CLEP) is here to encourage and support you in developing a solid mastery of written Chinese and in using the Chinese written medium to explore Chinese culture from the vantage point of Hong Kong, where the language and culture vibrantly flourish. Our teachers are earnestly focused on offering lively and engaging courses at the highest standards that can successfully advance your proficiency in Chinese and help you achieve your learning goals as quickly and as solidly as possible.  


Going forward we will work together with you to continually update and improve our CLEP offerings and further enrich our courses and curriculum. You can be assured that in our CLEP classes you will receive the highest quality instruction in Chinese and excellent guidance in your mastery of the language for your future professional needs. In our classes, your hard work and devotion to study work hand-in-hand with our instructors efforts to enable you to pursue your needs and interests and lay a solid Chinese foundation for your future careers.  


Finally, I would like to express my enthusiastic support and warm gratitude to CLEP's superbly qualified and extremely dedicated instructional staff. Our teachers design and conduct a rich and well-established curriculum across all the Faculties of the University. They strive to stay abreast of all the latest teaching methods and Chinese language trends so that after graduation you will be able confidently and competently to head out into the world of written and spoken Chinese and be able to use the language successfully, confidently, and professionally in the pursuit of your career and related interests. 


Thank you again for your visit to this webpage. We sincerely hope that the CLEP can help you achieve your career goals. We warmly welcome you to study with us! 

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